I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of great pioneers in Mixed Reality/ Augmented Reality technologies in the last 5 years at Microsoft. I try to absorb and learn whenever possible and create stunning work based on not only distilled information but passion and artistic understanding of new technology. I’m passionate about Design and the Products that produce great User Experiences. I believe in an inclusive approach to design with a strong understanding of the client and the market they compete in. I’ve had a lot of opportunity to lead Art and solve visual decisions on high profile or international relations with foreign and US Military Clients. I helped grow the Envisioning process for Windows Devices and Mixed Reality for early versions of the Hololens. By assisting in Visual Design, User Interface and creations of prototypes with amazing engineers. I’m hoping to continue to grow and learn and hopefully this is why you are reading this today.

I have a decade of experience in User Experience from Web to Mobile to now prototyping the future of Mixed Reality. Though I have had the pleasure of working on great products like Xbox, Hololens and Mixed Reality Devices. I take on various Design and Product Development roles in my career to be able to understand all the ins and outs of the process and help you and your Artist, Engineers deliver the product that your users or community will love.

_Zak Alexander