Troubadour: Interactive Story Game

Co-Creator, Visual Artist

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“[Troubadour] has the look of a video game, and I played it with a controller, but it’s more an interactive ball of yarn – a player grabs the lone strand jutting out from the ball, holds onto it, then starts to unravel it all.”  - David Hinkle, Joystiq

“Based on what we’ve seen, the project seems like something that would be a good fit at an art exhibition. Its interactivity, however mild, has the potential to forge a connection with the audience that could set it apart from traditional graphic novels. If you’re a fan of cerebral narratives and avant-garde experiences, you’ll want to keep an eye on this one.” - Stu Strock, VGW

Troubadour is the first interactive short story from Seattle-based Cicatriz Entertainment. Follow Lu through her fragmented memories as she attempts to overcome her anxiety and reliance on negative influences in her life. For more information, visit - #TroubadourGame Audio: "The Therapist Gets Hard" - laii'la


Is this a game?

Maybe. We’re not sure. We’ve been referring to Troubadour as a music-infused interactive graphic novel. You follow a young woman dealing with social anxiety and learning to accept the responsibilities of adulthood. On her journey, Lu encounters environments and characters just as unstable as herself that live somewhere between modern digital life and the calming beauty of music.

What are we trying to do?

Our goal is to make a short and accessible experience that anyone can sit down and enjoy in a single session. You cannot lose while playing Troubadour.

When is it coming out?

Troubadour will be out sometime in 2014 on PC and Mac along with an original soundtrack by Deezign.

Anything else?

A lot of the inspiration came from reading comics by Brian Wood and Jeff Lemire, as well as watching too many shows like Twilight Zone and Unsolved Mysteries as a child.