I'm a self-taught visual & user interface designer based in Seattle, firmly believing that user experience is about the ideas and process, not the artifacts. That's why I've been taking on various design and product development roles in my career to be able to understand all the ins and outs of the process and help you and your developers deliver the product that your users will love. For the last eight years I have been doing a range of things — from interaction and user interface design for gaming consoles or through creative direction and web development to leading product development teams, to make sure I can deliver anything your team needs to get your idea off the ground.

I currently have open availability for contract and consultant work for design and creative direction. Above in the navigation you can learn a little about me and even see new work and ideas I post in my blog when time allows. Check out my current project "Troubadour" and please contact me if you think I could be valuable to your project.