Fever Naps

So, Ive been dealing with a lot lately. Between Life, Love, Stress and Setbacks, I haven't so much as given a fleeting glance at this blog. I thought I'd update to show some of the new works in progress. Currently I will be doing a gallery show in March of 2010, more updates on that when the time approaches. At the bottom you will see the wedding piece has been completed.

Ive been working towards an idea of doing a zine, these are mainly doodles that become over processed, but I think the ultimate product will look good in a photocopy 3x7 booklet, which the covers will be block printed with.

These Lil guys have been fun, every time i have to use those paid parking lots i steal a few Lil envelopes and draw on them, most the time they are lost or given away as a makeshift business card.